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Owned by Prof. Bruce H. Karnopp Ph.D. University of Michigan
Final development by Alexander Leung during the MRC/UROP Program of 2008

AMVM is a software suite designed to assist with many concepts of mechanical engineering.
It has support for various calculations involving Vibrations, Dynamics & Strength, and Mathematics.

Previously only available on DOS, it was updated in 2008 to support launching on modern Windows platforms, including Windows 7.

The final result involved:
-20 years of student work
-32,000 lines of code!

AMVM is in actuality a collection of programs capable of the following:

	-Free Motion Calculations
	-Beam Modes for Various End Conditions
	-Forced Response Wn and Z calculations
	-The Beat Phenom.
	-Transmissibility Computations
	-Forced Motion of N-degree Freedom Systems
	-Vibration Absorber Design Parameters
	-Design of a Helmholtz Resonator
	-Rayleigh Natural Frequencies
	-Matinv Transmissibility Computations
	-String Computations with One Degree of Freedom
	-Beam Vibrations with Attached End Masses
Dynamics & Strength
	-Trifilar Exper. Determination of Mass Moment of Intertia
	-Transformation of Moment of Intertia Matrices
	-Products of Intertia by Experiment
	-Euler Buckling of Beam Columns
	-Otto Mohr's Circle for Stress and Strain
	-Strain Rosette Calculations
	-Basic Unit Conversion
	-Curve Fitting
	-Simpson's Rule of Approximate Integration
	-Matrix Diagonalization
	-Transcendental Equation Root Finder
-Polynomial Root Finder -Linear Equations and Matrix Multiplication -Finite Diff. Solutions to Differential Equations -Lens Simulator with Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field Some Screenshots: Home Screen The Main Screen Screenshot 1 Free Motion Solver - Determines Wn and Z for all free motion cases Screenshot 1 Calculates Wn and Z from forced responses Screenshot 2 Beam modes for various conditions Screenshot 3 Experimental determination of mass moments of intertia using a trifilar pendulum